Infrastructure measures

Establishment of Electronic Library for the Center
At this point, the digital library of Centre will be launched with at least 2000 volumes identified books. With the digitization of the historical resources and its availability in different ways, such as publication on the website, mobile software and unique features will be in hands of researchers and Research and administrative centers. The only specialized center that works in this field is the Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (Noor) that publicly produces software in every Islamic science fields generally and with conversion written sources to software in Zanjan University, this Ilkhani center will be the first Professional center through the country which works in this field. Even it can become a resource center of converting references to customized software for


Designing and launching the Center,s website Launching professional multilingual web site of this center with professional features:
A - Database for Mongol History Researchers:
all over the world, there are several professors in various fields of culture and history of the Mongols who work independently; unfortunately, these groups have no organized link together. They identified with the establishment of the center, their resume and networking links with other researcher and their academic works are listed on their own pages, and researchers all over the world can be informed of the latest measures in the field of Mongolian Studies through this center.

B. Notification about the Center,s Recent Activities :
Obviously this center will involve in some activities such as workshops, conferences, etc, … that this actions will be notified through this part.

C. digital library web-based access:
After the digitalization of the references of this period, these books will be available for researchers of around the world.

D. Establishment of a virtual learning system (lms):
In order to provide different training on the internet, launching an e-learning center is on the agenda, which can provide its services to interested people all around the world.

E. Electronic scientific communications system:
This system follows the main website forum and Its task is to establish scientific communication with the world›s researchers, And can take important steps In providing various services for researchers. For this end, mentioned system can provide online and offline services and quickly email the information to researchers.


 Equipping the Center,s Office
The office center is located at the Faculty of Humanities. The purpose of the establishment of the center will be managing. Obviously, for this purpose, some basic amenities are provided as below.
Center Management Room
Conference room
Technical and administrative affairs room
Meeting and conference hall
The office center is located adjacent to Monzavi hall and at the same time, 110 people can benefit from the facilities of this hall. In addition, this center as a research center following Zanjan University, is able to use the university facilities, when necessary and in some cases.

Contact Us

University of Zanjan, The Faculty of Humanities, ilkhanid center, Zanjan, Iran

Tel : +98 (24) 33054099

Fax : +98 (24) 32283201

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Center Activities

  • Perform research projects
  • Production of the story in the all age groups
  • Holding Workshops in the areas of activity
  • Supporting the Publications freelance writers
  • Production of animation in the all age groups

In partnership with

  • University of Zanjan
  • Deputy for Research of Center for International Research and Education of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CIRE)
  • State Department representative office in Zanjan