Output of Center Activities

After establishing and equipping and commissioning of basic infrastructures, this center will be able to accept special orders from Mongols and executive executive agencies inside and outside the country provide specialized services in the following fields using specialized groups:



Main activities of the Ilkhanid center

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Contact Us

University of Zanjan, The Faculty of Humanities, ilkhanid center, Zanjan, Iran

Tel : +98 (24) 33054099

Fax : +98 (24) 32283201

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Center Activities

  • Perform research projects
  • Production of the story in the all age groups
  • Holding Workshops in the areas of activity
  • Supporting the Publications freelance writers
  • Production of animation in the all age groups

In partnership with

  • University of Zanjan
  • Deputy for Research of Center for International Research and Education of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CIRE)
  • State Department representative office in Zanjan